Update Details

The update is scheduled to be done in a few days.

  変更点(Japanese) Updates (English)
1 タイトル画面に「Ver.1.1」を表記 The training mode has been adjusted to allow gamers to select specific areas within a stage.
2 トレーニングモードでステージの内部エリアを選択できるように変更 The training mode has been adjusted to allow gamers to select specific areas within a stage.
3 オプションにスクリーンモード変更設定を追加。ゲーム画面を4:3画面比率に変更することができるようになる An option to change the screen mode has been added to the Options section of the menu. Support for 4:3 format has been added.
4 オプションの自機ライフ数設定の最大値を"5"から"9"に変更 The maximum number of armor that can be selected within the Options section has been increased from 5 to 9.
5 プレイデモンストレーションの再生時間を、「ボスを倒すまで」だったものを「90秒」に変更 The length of the Demo Play video has been shortened to 90 seconds. It previously showed game play through an entire stage.
6 自機の体当たり攻撃力を1/2に変更 The player's offensive power for physical attacks (actually hitting enemy characters with the mecha) has been reduced by half.
7 自機武器「ボム」の威力を下方調整し、敵の弾を消すナパームを発生するように修正 The power of the "Bomb" weapon has been slightly weakened, but has been adjusted to include a napalm burst that erases enemy fire upon collision.
8 自機武器「ミサイル」の発射数を増加し、威力をそれ分下方修正する The "Missle" weapon has been adjusted to shoot a greater number of missles in one burst, the power of each slightly weakened to conform with the higher volume.
9 言語設定が日本語以外の場合、ゲーム中に出てくる「段表示パネル」の表示に英語表記が追加される English translations have been added to the weapon leveling panel (appears when a player increases the level of a given weapon). The translated graphics will appear for all users that do not have their language set to Japanese.
10 プレイヤーの当たり判定表示の色を変更 The color of the cross that shows the center of a player's collision detection has been changed (from green to orange).
11 「体験版から製品版に移行した際、セーブができない」という指摘があったため、製品版を購入したらタイトル画面へ移行するようにし、セーブデータを作成できるようにした Users that play the trial version then immediately purchase the full game will be able to create save data for the portion played in the trial. Upon purchasing the full game, such users will be directed to the Title Screen where save data can be created.
12 オプションのサウンドボリューム設定の基本値を"25"から"15"に変更 The maximum volume that can be selected for sound settings has been reduced from 25 to 15.
Bug Fixes (English)
1 ステージ6で稀にゲームが強制終了する Fixed bug that stopped or froze the game in Stage 6.
2 リーダーボードを閲覧するとフリーズする Fixed bug in which the game freezed when users accessed the leaderboard.
3 リーダーボードへのスコア登録が、HARD,EXPARTでは正常に働かない Fixed bug in which scores achieved in Hard and Expert difficulty settings were not accurately recorded.
4 ネットワーク協力プレイの時、ステージ5のボスが出現しないことがある Fixed bug in which the boss of Level 5 would not appear during online play over LIVE.
5 ネットワーク協力プレイの時、コンティニューを使ってクリアしても「ノーコンティニュークリア」の実績が解除される Fixed bug in which users were awarded the achievement for clearing the game without continuing despite using one or more continues during online multiplayer.
  その他細かい不具合を修正 Fixed other small bugs.

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